15 Weeks Post Fracture

15 weeks has flown since this day, the day of the broken arm. 9 weeks in a cast and 6 more weeks delaying PT put my training routine at a standstill. From 20-24 hours a week of training to 1-2 didn’t phase me as much as I thought. I truly got lazy, and this is mixed with the fear of getting reinjured. I don’t bring this up often, but my arm healed incorrectly. I have difficulty rotating my wrist inwards for things like typing, turning a knob, turning the driver’s wheel, etc. I finally went to my first PT appointment yesterday and the verdict is that I will probably still have trouble with full range of motion.
I’ve gone in and out of wondering if I should go back to competition or if this is a sign for me to stop. I enjoy training, competing is “fun” but I suppose the fear of getting back into a cast has stopped me from returning to the mats full-time again. I’m trying to crush that fear, reminding myself that this injury was just a short hiccup and that I need to just back into the routine of things. Here’s hoping I finally get back into high gear again. The “San Diego cold” isn’t helping either, since I just want to stay in bed all day.

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