30-Day Squat Challenge

It’s been about 4 months since I’ve worked out. Due to medical reasons (which you can read more about here), I’ve had to avoid sweating too much otherwise I’d break out in an all out itch fest. Most people here in San Diego dread our “cold winter” but I actually have been seeing it as a blessing. Last week a few of our Stronghold Moms thought about participating in a Squat Challenge and I thought, “Why not?” I could break them up throughout the day and sweating could be kept to a minimum. Easy peasy!

Fast forward to Day 5 which is 60 squats, I am now feeling the pains of not working out in so long, BUT I’m also feeling a bit stronger already. Score! It was pretty unfortunate not being able to work out and I could definitely feel myself getting weaker by the day. During CrossFit workouts, squatting with heavy weights was the norm. After a month or so of not working out I could barely lift my 3-year-old without getting winded. That became a bit discouraging, so I was excited to start a little exercise again.

So on to the Squat Challenge, you should definitely try it if…

1) You’ve been wanting to start working out, or looking to add some extra fitness to your regular routine.

2) You don’t have easy access to a gym.

3) You don’t have a lot of time or have kids jumping over you all day.

4) You want to improve your overall movement and physical function.

5) You want to tone your legs and butt (squats are great for this).

The squat is THE basic, most fundamental movement in daily life. Like my brother always says during CrossFit introductions, “You squat to pee, you squat to get stuff off the ground…” It’s beneficial to learn how to squat correctly and to do them often to ensure good mobility (especially when you’re older), to strengthen your overall core, improve posture and flexibility. Really, the list can go on!

I encourage you to start a 30-Day Squat Challenge and then come back and tell me how you did!  I leave you with one of the CrossFit videos that demonstrates proper Air Squat technique and also outlines common faults. 

Click here to view video.

Happy training!

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