A Passion Project for Families: Stronghold Kids Club

To all my fellow parents: Have you ever found yourself in the following situations: Wanting to work out, attend a workshop, conference, networking event, etc, but couldn’t attend due to not being able to acquire reliable or affordable childcare for your little ones?

It’s been an honor to own The Stronghold alongside my family in Point Loma for the past 10 years. We are looking forward to celebrating our 11th year in business this coming October. We strive to provide high-quality Jiu Jitsu instruction in a family-friendly environment. I am a mom of 4 kids: 9, 7, 5 and 2. All 4 kids were “born and raised” in our studio, and have trained Jiu Jitsu since the day they could walk. For the past decade, it’s been great being able to work alongside my children and to also witness other families become a part of our Stronghold Community.

To date, we have expanded our offerings, which now include a Community Event Space in our renovated front area (originally where our CrossFit program operated) and an Enrichment Academy for kids Ages 5-17. It has been a great honor to co-host events with other amazing businesses and non-profit organizations in San Diego, and are looking to host more this year. Our Enrichment Academy has held the following classes for the 2017-2018 school year: Art, Sewing, Chess, Gameschooling, Engineering, and Spanish. We are also planning to offer a 3-Day Independent Study program for the 2018-2019 school year to families who would like to homeschool.

I am hoping to collaborate with other families, businesses, organizations and brands to help renovate a new space we will be taking over to house our Stronghold Kids Club, which will include the Enrichment Academy and also a safe, dedicated area for younger infants and toddlers (0-4). With sponsorships and donations, our goal is to have the following by July 2018:

1. Renovated space for Stronghold Kids Club (Enrichment Academy and Infant/Toddler Room)
2. Renovated Stronghold Cafe/Family Lounge
3. Dedicated Stronghold Kids Club Hours with sitters for infants and toddlers (Ages 0-4)
4. Expanded schedule for concurrent Adults and Kids classes (so families can work out/train at the same time)
5. Available time slots for workshops, conferences and other events for parents with a dedicated, in-house Stronghold Kids Club for children.

If you may be interested in supporting or sponsoring, we would love to connect! I can be reached at 858.722.0942 or raquel@strongholdkids.org. Thanks again to Ben Maiava of Passion Planner for one of my new favorite photos!

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