A Special Thank You to StrongholdDad on this Father’s Day

A Happy Father’s Day to all of you amazing Dads out there! This particular Father’s Day is incredibly special this year because I truly feel like my husband deserves a Father’s Day week. Those of you who have been following my posts know that I’ve been going through some health issues and since then, my husband has had to take on a lot of my duties. I feel like he basically had to take on a 4th kid – when usually it may seem the other around. Moms, I think you know what I mean! lol. I’m beyond grateful for everything he has been done (and is still doing), from making the kids breakfast to being a food gopher (he mainly cooks oatmeal so we’ve unfortunately been eating out a lot). He also made my son’s lunch every morning and took him to and from school the whole year, and I joked that all the Kindergarten moms know him better more than me! On top of teaching all day, he’s also the one bathing the kids and getting them ready for bed every night. Words will never be able to fully express my thanks, and I feel so incredibly blessed that my kids have him for a father. He’s my kids’ hero and their best friend. Thank you, StrongholdDad, for being amazing. I would have a dozen more kids with you if we could. Seriously. :]

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