Amazing Uses for Breast Milk aka Liquid Gold

I have been breastfeeding for the past 6 years (give or take 6 months when I wasn’t nursing during the end of my last 2 pregnancies). In that time I have been discovering more and more ways to use breast milk aside from the obvious. Some of these ways are pretty unconventional and I don’t know how many times I got a few laughs out of family members and friends about these uses, but believe me, this information is not new! I’m hoping to help people gain awareness about the amazing and countless benefits for breast milk, and best of all, it’s free (your budget for unexpected medical expenses will thank you). I’m very wary for using drugs nowadays considering how many are recalled by the FDA even after rigorous testing. It also takes years and years for long-term side effects to kick in, so we really don’t know how safe these drugs are for us. Breast milk is naturally antibacterial and has valuable antibodies, and in my opinion, can probably be considered as one of the best natural medicines on the planet. I would definitely consider it organic, wouldn’t you? A lot of moms tend to Google “Other uses for breast milk” when they have a surplus of milk (the photo above is my best friend Maribel’s awesome freezer stash for her baby boy). Here’s just a handful of ailments you can use breast milk for instead of over the counter or prescription medicines:

  • Eczema, Baby Acne, Cradle Cap, other skin issues: I put this one first because as you may know I’m going through some major eczema issues myself and I have used breast milk on my own skin the past several months. I find that my skin heals much faster and during most days moisturizes way better than some lotions. I also have become bothered by the stickiness with Aquaphor which I don’t get from using breast milk. I recently came across this breast milk lotion recipe and although I haven’t made it myself, I know it’s really popular!
  • Infections: Eye (Styes, Pink Eye), Ear , Sinus, Staph, Strep, you name it, you can use it. My kids and I seem to get styes a lot and you can just squirt a couple drops in the eyes every hour on the hour and watch them clear up in a day or 2. Same goes with ears and nose, squirt a couple drops in both when you feel pain or see discharge. I’m a firm believer that antibiotics are overused and overprescribed which leads to worse infections like MRSA, which I’ve had a couple times and it’s NOT fun. The best thing about using breast milk for treatments for infections is that there is no fear of overdose and it’s safe on the smallest of babies. Chug an ounce or three for sore or strep throats!
  • Cuts and scrapes: Nowadays when my kids get “boo boos,” I tend to ditch the Neosporin and use breast milk since it’s also a natural antiseptic. I found that breast milk also helps with scarring.
  • Diaper Rash: Baby’s bum a bit red? Apply some breast milk on the affected areas during diaper changes.
  • Sunburn or burns: Soothe painful skin by applying breast milk on affected parts.

    These are just a handful of issues where breast milk can be used as a remedy, but I’m pretty sure it can heal or cure almost any ailment you can think of. I even read in this article that breast milk can be used to cure cancer. Next time you get sick and find your way to the pharmacy section, try to call up a nursing mom. Chances are they will be more than happy to give you some. Fresh is always better if you have access to it, but frozen milk will work well! How about you, what other ways have you used breast milk for?

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    4 comments on “Amazing Uses for Breast Milk aka Liquid Gold
    1. My doula told me to use breastmilk on a cotton ball to swipe over my face for the postpartum acne I was experiencing – totally helped! Did it twice a day and kept it up for a long time – felt like my skin was at it’s best during that time before I got pregnant with baby #2 and then lazy about keeping up on my routine!

    2. laura says:

      When I had babies, and a full supply of breast milk, I used it for a lot of these same things. I pinned/tweeted to share with other mommies!

      • StrongholdMom says:

        That’s awesome, and thanks so much for the share! It’s one reason I never want to stop nursing. lol!

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