Avoiding Cabin Fever When Having a New Baby

When my first and second babies were born, I made the mistake of choosing to stay home often because I was afraid of wrangling a newborn while going out and about. Needless to say, cabin fever was inevitable which led to multiple bouts of my own tears alongside my kids. I vowed to change that when my 3rd baby arrived, and it has carried over to Baby #4. A month ago, I had plans to have brunch with 2 of my best friends with just the baby. My husband and I had a small miscommunication of who was watching the kiddos, and I ended up bringing all 4 kids to brunch and then to the mall afterwards. It was definitely an adventure! Although this experience may seem really intimidating to some, it truly was good practice for future outings. Time and your responsibilities do not stop when you have a baby. Thankfully my 2 besties offered extra pairs of eyes during that day and it helped me work on some practical tips for going out with all 4. I’ll try to make a separate post with those tips soon!

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The baby is turning 3-months-old next week, and to date I have been able to do a couple dozen trips by myself with all 4 kids in tow. Some days are a breeze, and some days not so much, but I’m confident that with the right mindset (and LOTS of prayer) before each trip that it CAN BE DONE! I know it can be really difficult to just get a baby out the door, but I encourage you to make it a goal to get out of the house at least once every few days even if it means a short walk. I know from experience that cabin fever with a newborn in the house is very stressful and can also lead to depression with some moms. Side note: if you have been dealing with baby blues or postpartum depression, please seek help! These are very real issues that new moms may deal with and there should be no guilt in feeling this way with a new baby.

I’m really looking forward to some Disneyland and SeaWorld trips with the 4 kids soon, and main reason is that I finally dug out my Double BOB from deep in my garage! It’s been hibernating the past year or so. Thanks again to bestie Char for helping me clean it. 🙂 If you have any tips on how to have a stress-free outing with your kids, feel free to comment below!

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3 comments on “Avoiding Cabin Fever When Having a New Baby
  1. BriGeeski says:

    I can’t imagine keeping my eyes on 4 kiddos. You rock momma!! It’s awesome you have the support around you too.

  2. Lora Bumatay says:

    4 small kids, with one being an infant?! I can’t even imagine getting them dressed and in the car! I totally understand the cabin fever thing though! You go mama!

  3. You are a champ Raquel! Taking one more kid out does make things a little more of a juggle and I can only imagine what 4 looks like as opposed to 3. I will be eager to hear from you when baby is close to a year old and you look back if the transition from 3 to 4 kids was more smooth than any of the other new babies joining the family. Remember that article claiming that sometime last year on facebook?

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