Beach Fun and Protected From The Sun Thanks to Tuga Sunwear! *GIVEAWAY*

Disclosure: I received complimentary sun protection products from Tuga Sunwear to review. All thoughts are my own.

Earlier this week the whole family and I had the pleasure of touring the headquarters of Tuga Sunwear, a family-owned company in San Diego. Tuga specializes in offering high quality, fashionable sun protection products for the whole family, including hats, rashguards, boardshorts, and other types of bottoms. We learned a lot about effectively protecting our kids’ skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Some interesting facts to note:

  • Sunscreen alone is not sufficient, one would have to apply quite a bit and keep reapplying for it to be effective.
  • Skin cancer is becoming more common and adolescents spend a lot of time in the sun before the age of 18. It’s important to find ways to protect their skin at a young age.

    My kids had the chance to try on some of Tuga’s sunwear products and also test them out at the beach! We really loved the bright colors, designs and how their pieces coordinated with each other. I also felt pretty pleased that I didn’t have to go overboard with the sunblock since all of Tuga’s products are rated SPF 50+. I was really impressed with the material of all their swimwear. You can definitely tell that Tuga’s products were built to last and will withstand a lot of time of fun in the sun. This is especially important when you have active kids.

    I am excited to share that Tuga has a great Memorial Day sale going on now through May 27, and you also have a chance to win a set for your munchkin! You can check out their web store and use the code MEMORIAL to get 30% off. Shop Tuga Sunwear Now!

    *GIVEAWAY TIME*Want to enter to win a Tuga Sunwear set for your munchkin? One winner will win a top, bottom and sun hat. Be sure to spread some Tuga love to your friends so they can get in on an opportunity to win. Thanks again to Tuga for outfitting my littles just in time for beach season and sponsoring this giveaway!

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    Disclosure: I received complimentary sun protection products from Tuga Sunwear to review. All thoughts are my own.

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    8 comments on “Beach Fun and Protected From The Sun Thanks to Tuga Sunwear! *GIVEAWAY*
    1. What a fun giveaway! Love all the colors. Make sure to link up with us on the Wednesday Giveaway Roundup! When you join, I’ll tweet it out!

    2. I thought I’d be loving the purple print but truly I like the Rosita print the best and think my daughter would too! Love that you introduced me to this company – I grew up in Vista!

    3. Tiffany L. says:

      Love the swimsuits!

    4. Sara says:

      I love how modest these swimsuits are…my daughter would love a blue one!

    5. Angela says:

      All the designs look pretty awesome! Hope I win!!

    6. Trista says:

      I am LOVING the pink suit for my baby girl! She would look so cute in pink.

    7. LaTanya says:

      Low Tide – Sapphire Short Sleeve Sunsuits

    8. Cora Kirkpatrick says:

      I love the turquoise and the purple!

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