Book Review: 52 Uncommon Dates

One thing I have been told by couples that have been married for years is to never stop dating my husband. With 3 kids and a business, dates are truly hard to come by, but I really looked forward to reviewing 52 Uncommon Dates. 52 Uncommon Dates is “A Couple’s Adventure Guide For Praying, Playing, and Staying Together.” I was really excited about this book since the introduction is written by Gary Chapman, who is the author of 5 Love Languages (another favorite book of mine). Each date is laid out with a few guidelines, such as locations, ideas for activities, questions and devotionals to end the dates. Usually dates with my husband include a dinner and a movie, but thankfully we’re always down to try something new. This book has given us a creative “nudge” and offers us a plethora of ideas for our upcoming dates! Our 7th Wedding Anniversary happens to be tomorrow (YAY!) and since we have the day to ourselves, I’m looking forward to possibly revisiting some dates that we have been on but not since we’ve been married, such as:

1) The Music Date: We both love music so this date actually had a few things that we talk about quite often,
2) The Spontaneous Date: Some of my most favorite dates have been the week before one of our babies was born. My mom would take the kids while I rested a bit and to prepare for our baby’s arrival. It was during those times that we had the most spontaneous dates, like cruising the SD Reader that day for unique San Diego events or checking out new restaurants.
3) The Jigsaw Puzzle Date: We both like puzzles, but haven’t been able to finish the first one we did when we first started dating. Trying to do a puzzle with 3 kids running around sounds close to impossible. Would be awesome to do one when we’re able to get away from the kids.
4) The Arcade Date: Noth my husband and I are gamers (LOL). We’ve been to arcades here and there but are usually with the kids. It would be fun to challenge each other on a game or two.
5) The Backrub Date: We’ve been talking about attending a Couples’ Massage class for years, so hopefully we can find some time to finally do this!
6) Amusement Park Date: As you know I’m a huge Disney lover but haven’t been to Disneyland with just my husband since the kids were born! We’re spending a few hours by ourselves tomorrow at Disneyland so I’m way excited.
7) The LEG) Date: We both love LEGOs and have plenty, but again, it’s usually with kids around. It would be awesome for us to build a 1000+ piece set by ourselves one day.

Some dates that I would love to do (and some of them may take some sweet talking with the hubby) would be:

1) The Factory Date: Exploring a factory? Fun! It’s always interesting to see how things are made.
2) The Geocaching Date: I’ve heard about geocaching for educational purposes for our kids but this seems like a fun thing to on a date.
3) The Canoe Date: I haven’t been in a canoe – EVER. Kayaking? Yes, and that was a blast. Would love to do row a boat with the hubby but may have to wait for the summer again.
4) The Gardening Date: Our new house has a huge deck and I have been wanting to start a garden. It’s definitely something I would love to tackle on a date but neither of us have green thumbs, so this would be interesting.
5) The Culinary Date: I love to cook, and the husband loves to eat. He hasn’t cooked me a meal since before we got married so imagine me being over the moon if we spent a night cooking with each other!
6) The Apple-Picking Date: The idea of picking apples (especially since our family loves apples) seems really fun and almost “out of a movie” scene. I heard it’s really fun for families so I think couples would really enjoy this date.
7) The Flea Market Date: Like searching for buried treasure, I think it would be fun to explore the Flea Market together!

As you can see I’ve highlighted just a handful of the 52 Dates listed in the book, but if you are looking to find some great ideas for your next date, be sure to pick up this book! Thank you Moody Publishers for providing me with this complimentary copy to review. All thoughts are my own.

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