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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

Too many weird coincidences about these photos. 1) Left Photo taken on 12/12/09. Right photo taken on 12/12/15. Thank you #OnThisDay feature! 2) Cousin Rachelle on the left, her namesake #CaleahRachelle on the right. 3) I’m happily holding dessert in

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15 Weeks Arm Recovery Update

15 weeks has flown since this day, the day of the broken arm. 9 weeks in a cast and 6 more weeks delaying PT put my training routine at a standstill. From 20-24 hours a week of training to 1-2

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Happy Mother’s Week!

When they say motherhood changes you, it’s true. Your love and patience will be stretched farther than you think it could. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength will be tested daily. The long nights and tantrums may seem to

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Playing Capoeira with My Little Man

In 4 months my little man will be 8. Bittersweet that the time flies so fast. It’s going to be a lot of fun when he gets even bigger though since he’ll probably be one of my best training partners.

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#TrimHealthyMama Review and Giveaway #MomsMeet

Eating healthy and cooking simple meals has always been a top priority for me and my family. It wasn’t always that way, and it took several years for me to adopt better eating habits and making good food choices. We

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