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Prettiest Blue Sky I’ve Ever Seen

#waybackwednesday 2011: a year spent in a lot of confusion. I got a lot of different counsel from people and for awhile couldn’t figure out who I should listen to. I thank God for leading me to heed advice from

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2016 IBJJF Worlds Masters Championship

I wrote the post below super early this morning and was too chicken to post it, but now I know I should. Today I became an IBJJF World Master Champion! All glory to God and thank you to all my

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Tapping Cancer Out with Team Stronghold

Last year (November 2014) was the first time I heard about the Tap Cancer Out organization. Jon Thomas, the founder and a Jiu Jitsu practitioner himself, wanted to bring the Jiu Jitsu community together to help those battling cancer. He

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