Charlie’s Classic Cooking Review

Disclosure: I received a week of complimentary meals for my family to review. All opinions are my own. Photo Credits: Charlie’s Classic Cooking.

After wrangling my 4 kids during the day, there are often times when I just don’t feel like making dinner. I’m sure you have those days too. I had the opportunity to try out 4 meals from Charlie’s Classic Cooking last week and it really helped me out since we have been busier more than usual lately. Charlie’s Classic Cooking offers fresh ready-made meals that can be delivered to your home. Chef Charlie and his staff take care of all the work for you, by preparing dishes that are stored in foil containers and are ready to heat when dinnertime comes. Chef Charles adds easy directions to reheat all of the meals. I really enjoyed the meal plan (which changes often) they had for me last week which included the following:

  • Lime and cumin grilled chicken with tomato-corn relish and fresh green beans
  • Fettuccine Alfredo with carrots, broccoli, red peppers
  • Swiss steak with egg noodles and baby carrots
  • Shepherd Pie with mashed potatoes and spinach salad
  • Out of all 4 meals, the Lime and Cumin Grilled Chicken was my favorite. The chicken was tender and had lots of flavor and the corn relish and green beans was a great accompaniment. I also liked the Shepherd pie, which happens to be one of my favorite dishes. The Swiss Steak was also a yummy meal, and like the Shepherd’s pie, met my expectations as a great comfort food. Although I’m usually a Fettuccine Alfredo fan, that dish would probably rank #4 out of the 4 dishes. I would have preferred a little more garlic, but that might just be me. I love lots of garlic in my Italian dishes!

    All in all, Chef Charlie’s dishes came at a perfect week where I didn’t have a chance to cook and I didn’t want to eat out every day. I am looking forward to hearing more about their menu plans and Holiday offerings. If you’re looking for a way to get delicious cooked meals for your family, I encourage you to check out Charlie’s Classic Cooking. I was actually pretty intrigued about their Cooking Classes for Adults and Kids! You can find out more by visiting their website here: Charlie’s Classic Cooking. I’m also excited to host a giveaway for a free meal for 4, and it’s easy to enter below!

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    Disclosure: I received a week of complimentary meals for my family to review. All opinions are my own.

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    1. This is so timely! I;m just dying over there trying to get everything done with the kids that eating is just whenever =/

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