D23 Expo Recap: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event

Are you the ultimate Disney fan? This weekend the D23 Expo has returned to the Anaheim Convention Center! My family and I have been attending since its debut in 2009. The Expo only occurs every 2 years so you can imagine how excited everyone has been. Fans are treated to exclusive Disney presentations, guest appearances by Disney celebrities and artists, sneak peeks to park presentations, movies, Disney products, collectibles and more. Events span through a 3-day weekend so Disney overload is sure to be experienced! Tickets to attend average between $40-$50 a day depending on how early you buy, so unless you’re fortunate enough to live near Disneyland, most fans spend anywhere between $300-$1000+ on tickets, transportation, hotel accommodations and souvenirs. It’s definitely a Disney trip worth saving for! This was the first year we only went 1 day, but we were still able to get our fill of the Expo.

This was also our first year that I dressed up the family in costumes. At past events there have been some pretty awesome and original costumes, and how fun is it to see a bunch of Disney characters walking around? My son Jake has been loving Jake and the Neverland Pirates a bit more this year (perfect right?), so I thought it would only be fitting to come as the Neverland gang: Captain Hook (me), Tick Tock the Crocodile (hubby), Jake (my son), Izzy (my oldest daughter) and Baby Tinker Bell (my youngest daughter). What’s even better is that this year I’ll be able to use it for 4 more events: I’m having a birthday pirate party myself, my son Jake’s birthday is ALSO having a Jake and the Neverland Pirates pool party, then there’s Halloween and our biannual Disney World trip. I have to say I really did get our money’s worth this year, and that’s definitely great since dressing up 5 family members is not always cheap!

Upon arrival at the Expo I noticed not a lot of people were in costume and was a bit hesitant to dress up but it turned out to be a crowd favorite! Fellow Disney fans took photos with us and my husband even showed up on the D23Expo Website! Got to give a special shout out to my husband as well. We have been together almost 8 years and he was never a big Disney fan but he’s always been a great sport coming out to countless Disneyland trips, 4 Disney World vacations and 3 Expos. He donned his Tick Tock costume (it was HOT at times) and helped me wrangle our 3 kids yesterday. Definitely a “Best Husband/Daddy” award is in order for him for this weekend!

Probably one of the highlights this year is the “Waffle-inator” virtual interactive game that features the upcoming Phineas and Ferb movie, Mission Marvel. Guests are invited to help Phineas and Ferb save Agent P by shooting foam waffles with these huge toasters, aka the Waffle-inator. My kids had a blast! Tickets sold out yesterday and today but you may have a chance to attend tomorrow. Be sure to purchase tickets on D23Expo.com Hope you enjoyed my D23 Expo recap and all the photos. Can’t wait for D23 Expo 2015!

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2 comments on “D23 Expo Recap: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event
  1. Cynthia says:

    Awesome! I was thinking about going this year but had so much going on. I’m inspired to attend a future D23. Your family costumes are the best!

    • StrongholdMom says:

      Yes, SO much going on this year! Was a bit bummed at first when we were only able to go once as opposed to all weekend. 2015 I hope will be a bit quieter. :]

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