Discovering Peachjar – A Parent and Business Owner’s Perspective!

A couple years ago I was first introduced to Peachjar, an online communication platform for small businesses and organizations to spread the word about their offerings to parents of school children. As a parent, I remember my initial fascination of finally being able to see extracurricular activities online, as I am one of those people that appreciate a paper flyer but will shortly have it buried somewhere in the abyss of my minivan. As a business owner, I also was very impressed with this new platform but considering that most of our best marketing has come from word-of-mouth, I hesitated a bit to post our own flyers.

I finally had the opportunity to be able to post our gym’s flyers on the Peachjar website and I definitely have to say, it was worth the investment! We posted 2 flyers total, between the months of November and February and to a total of 9 schools. At first it was a bit of trial and error making sure I had all the correct specs in order to post, but Peachjar’s requirements are pretty simple and definitely worth the work.

As a parent, one thing to remember is pictures are great! I always want to be able to get a preview of what type of activity will be provided during classes. Clip-art may suffice but action shots or still photos of kids participating in the activity is always best. I also believe less is more, as some information may be an overload to a parent that is used to skimming over a variety of different flyers.

Below are a preview of the flyers we posted! I’d love to hear some feedback on what you think about them, in hopes to help other small businesses and myself to learn what may be best for future postings!

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