Fun With Washi Tape

I first learned about Washi Tape this year after cruising Pinterest for Disney crafts. You may have seen the clothespins I decorated for the Disney Social Media Moms On the Road event in Phoenix. I wanted to give a little gift to my fellow Disney moms and I fell in love with decorated clothespins! They really were a hit. Since then I have grown quite a collection! My favorites are definitely my Disney ones (shown at the bottom) but I have also been visiting Daiso here in San Diego and Los Angeles for Washi tape. I’ve always been a crafter at heart and like making handmade things as a hobby. I started making more decorated clothespins for gifts and am participating in my first Craft Fair in a couple months! I figured it would be a fun way to earn a little bit to cover my “small” Washi tape obsession and to make some extra for Christmas season. How about you, what ways do you like to use Washi tape?

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