Good Friday Reflections, This is Amazing Grace and Prayers for Phil Wickham

Happy Good Friday to you all! I have to admit, the busyness I’ve had the past few weeks has caused me to forget that it’s Easter weekend. It’s been humbling because God is telling me I really, like REALLY need to slow down. I’m taking the day to reflect on what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. It’s because of Him that I am living and breathing, and why I have hope that I get through whatever trials come my way. He paid the ultimate price for our sins while suffering on a cross, so who am I to think my problems are so hard? I know a few people who struggle with how or why Jesus would die on a cross for people that hated Him, or hesitated in believing in Him. To me, it has taught me how to love unconditionally. How awesome would our world be if everyone loved and treated each other without expecting anything in return?

The lyrics above is from Phil Wickham‘s song, This is Amazing Grace. Phil is a Christian artist and has a number of awesome songs, but this song is currently my favorite, and a perfect song for Easter weekend. If there’s any song that describes John 3:16 better, it’s this one. I encourage you to download this song and Phil’s other albums, and they are all available on iTunes. You can also view the music video below!

If you also have a moment, I encourage you to pray for Phil Wickham and his family. Last week, he had some issues with his vocal cords and as a result, has had to cancel shows and basically recover in silence for an indefinite period. I actually knew Phil as we went to the same Middle school and although I always knew he came from a musical family, I had no idea he was a singer. I guess I should have paid more attention during Choir Days! I’m sure God has a plan for this current trial, and that Phil’s ministry will only become stronger because of it.

I hope you and your family have an awesome Good Friday and Easter weekend!

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