Having Fun with Bright Starts “League of Little Laughers” Toys

My kids and I were excited when a huge box of toys from Bright Starts arrived at our doorstep. Bright Start sent us the following toys: Learn & Giggle Activity Station, Learn & Giggle Fish and a Having a Ball Giggables Tiger. These Bright Starts toys are recommended for infants and toddlers Ages 6 months – 36 months. My kids are now 7, 5, 2 (turning 3 this month) and 4 months and they all enjoyed playing with each toy.

We had a chance to host our Bright Starts “League of Little Laughters” Play Date at Kid Ventures 4S Ranch alongside MomCo and Sign4Baby at their Signing Mrs. Claus event. We had a dozen or so infants and toddlers come and play along but for privacy issues, only had a chance to capture a handful of the little ones!

The Bright Starts Learn & Giggle Activity Station was definitely the most popular toy. The kids also had a lot of fun passing the “Having A Ball Giggables” Tiger back and forth. The best part about these toys is that 2 or 3 kids can enjoy it at a time, and is a great way to practice sharing!

My 7-year-old was a big help teaching my 4-month-old how to push buttons on the Learn & Giggle Fish. The Learn & Giggle Fish was definitely a winner with all the kids and we wanted another child to enjoy it so we included it in Mrs. Claus’ fun raffle at the event. It was great to be able to make another kid smile!

I would definitely recommend these Bright Starts toys to anyone with little ones. The music, lights and activities are fun for any age and can keep your kids occupied for quite awhile, which is important especially when you’re trying to get a few things done around the house! Be sure to check out these toys and possibly wrap one or a few for your kids this Christmas Time! A huge thank you to Mom Select and Bright Starts for providing these toys for my kids’ enjoyment.

Disclosure: I received 3 Bright Starts toys to host a Bright Starts “League of Little Laughters” Play Date. All thoughts are my own.

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  1. LOL! I don’t know why I’m just seeing this. Look at how small they all are. I remember Duke really wanted that fish toy!

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