Making Disney Magic Memories at Harmony Barber Shop

Disney World is one of our family’s favorite vacation destinations. Although Disneyland is my home Disney Park (and thankfully only over an hour drive away), Disney World is always an anticipated biannual trip for my family. Coincidentally we have made a Disney World trip around each child’s 1st birthday, so all of them have been able to partake in the tradition of getting their first haircut at Magic Kingdom’s Harmony Barber Shop. They have also received that haircut from the same barber: Michal.

I have to give Disney a huge round of applause because they gladly accommodated a special request on our trip last November. We had just arrived in Orlando and I proceeded to call the Barber Shop to schedule an appointment with Michal. To my surprise, Michal was not scheduled to work during most of our trip, and was due to come back to work the day we were scheduled to return to San Diego. I was really bummed and mainly concerned about paying for another day ticket when we could only realistically stay in the park for less than 2 hours. I tried not to get my hopes up, but I asked the Cast Member if there was a possibility for our family to walk in to go to the Barber Shop and leave right after. They seemed to understand this special tradition we started for our family and told us that they would be happy to give us an hour pass to let our daughter get her haircut . I was over the moon! Disney has been known for making dreams come true (no matter how big or small) for many families. I truly appreciate their willingness to help out when it came to our family’s Disney memories!

How about you, do you have a favorite story where a Disney Cast Member went above and beyond to create a Magic Memory for your family?

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