Mom’s Day Out with Aall In Limo and Plaza Hair Salon

Disclosure: I experience a complimentary limo ride and hair style in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.

Mom’s Days or Nights Out are essentia to stay refreshed when hanging out with kiddos all day. I had a chance to hang out with some favorite mom and new mom friends last month courtesy of Aall In Limo and Plaza Hair Salon. With my son and husband hanging out for the day and my girls at grandma’s house, I waited eagerly for my Limo ride to the hair salon.

The Aall In Limo was pristine and clean inside and out, and our driver, Joe was extremely courteous. He had the task of picking up 7 moms all over San Diego and I was the last one to be picked up. He was a bit behind schedule and called to apologize he would be late. He called again when he was close by so I really appreciated the constant communication he gave. The inside of the limo bus was comfortable with seating enough for 20. There was also some chilled bottled waters ready for us in the cooler.

When we arrived at Plaza Hair Salon, we were greeted by Mai and her staff. Some of the moms had a chance to do a hair cut or color, and I opted for a layered hair cut. I had the chance to have my hair done by Mai herself, and she took the time to shampoo my hair before she cut it. I forgot how relaxing it was to have someone else wash your hair! Mai then proceeded to layer my hair and then she blow dryed and styled it. I had the pleasure of chatting with her as she did my hair, and we talked a bit about our kids. Even on mom’s outings, the children never seem to leave the conversation! This was definitely okay because even though it was just a short time away, I already missed them.

I really appreciated the chance to have a day to be pampered and get my hair done. It’s been about 8 years since I’ve been to a salon due to the fact that I suffered from alopecia for several years. I resorted to wearing hats and wigs for a long time, and now that my hair is fully grown again, it really is a blessing to be able to style it. After my hair was done, Joe promptly arrived to take me and fellow mom blogger and close friend Angela to our houses. It was pretty cool to have the limo to ourselves for a short time!

Thanks for the ride, @aallinlimo! @sdmomsnightout and I had the party bus to ourselves on the way home. #sandiego #limo #partybus

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I had such a great time with Aall In Limo and Plaza Hair Salon. I would like to thank them both again for having me and hope to see them again soon! Maybe for another Mom’s Day Out for pampering? If you or a mom you know is in need or a break, take the effort to plan it!

Back to layers. Thank you Mai at @PlazaHairSalon! :]

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