My Two IBJJF Pan Kids Jiu Jitsu 2017 Champions!

Can’t believe these two have competed at over 50 (seriously, fifty?) tournaments in the past 2 years but this was the BIG one. Third Pan Ams for Jacob (this is his first Pan Am Gold) and first time for Michaela. Kids Pan Ams is the biggest and most prestigious Jiu Jitsu tournament for kids in the world, and even taking the first step in registering shows a huge amount of courage for any competitor (and their parent). The talent and skills get more impressive year after year and it’s crazy that this one has come and gone already. These Golds took about 2-3 years work, and I mention all of the above because even though losses can be a huge blow when your kids have worked so hard, it truly makes them a better competitor in the long run. I’ve taught my kids to never give up, and I hope that after every tournament, they remember I will always say that hard work will eventually pay off. Thank you @CobrinhaCharles for always reminding us this as well! Now it’s back to the lab for the next one because there will always be harder matches and opponents waiting!

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