Natural Treats for Your Dog from Betsy Farms and Minties

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Recently my fur babies had a chance to try out some yummy treats and I’m very excited to share them with you! Russell my Jack Russell and Ralph my Maltipoo really enjoyed being my taste testers. I received 2 items for my dogs to try: Turkey Jerky from Betsy Farms and Minties from VetIQ

Betsy Farms is a dog treat company that focuses on making tasty and natural jerky for your pet. They offer 4 varieties: chicken, turkey, duck and chicken infusions that have a creamy center. I really appreciate that Betsy Farms aims to provide high quality, natural treats with no preservatives, colors and flavors! Both my dogs loved the Turkey Jerkey, and they were quite upset when they only got one each. There’s always tomorrow!

My dogs also had a chance to try some treats from Minties. I’ve purchased many different dental treats in the past, and it was refreshing to see a comparison chart on Minties website on some of the leading dental brands. Minties treats uses natural ingredients such as mint, parsley, dill, fennel and chlorophyll. They don’t contain wheat, corn or soy while some of Minties’ competitors do.

I really appreciated how both Betsy Farms and Minties treats are both made in the US. Both products are made with natural ingredients without some of the unnecessary additives that can be found in other dog treats. I look forward to purchasing these brands next time my pups go on a shopping spree and will recommend it to all my other fur parent friends.

If you’re interested in snagging a bag of Betsy Farms Jerky, they have a coupon here if you like their page! You can also keep an eye on the Minties Facebook Page for a fun promo coming up. I’d love to hear from you if your dogs have had a chance to nibble on Betsy Farms or Minties dog treats!

DISCLOSURE: I received a package of Turkey Jerky from Betsy Farms and Minties from Vet IQ to review. All opinions are my own.

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