New Fall Items at True Food Kitchen

Disclosure: My family and I received a complimentary meal to try out True Food Kitchen’s new fall menu. All opinions are our own.

I love True Food Kitchen, and so does my whole family! You may have seen my review a couple years ago here: Restaurant Review: True Food Kitchen. I have always enjoyed True Food Kitchen’s healthy drink concoctions and meal offerings. I also appreciate that many of their items are food-allergy friendly. My kids often request to go back to get their pizza, since they offer a Gluten-Free crust. We had a chance to try some of their Fashion Valley location’s new fall items, and also order a few of our family favorites.



Below are some of the new fall 2015 items we enjoyed:
Sparkling Apple Soda My kids and I are huge apple juice fans. This drink was delicious, and the vanilla was a nice touch.
Butternut Squash Pizza – My kids enjoyed this pizza on a Gluten-free crust sans walnut and cheese. They love butternut squash and they really loved it. They did miss the tomato and kale pizza they’ve had before and when I mentioned this, our server said they could still order it. The kids were very happy!
Spiced Apple and Goji Berry Crisp with Vanilla Ice Cream – I couldn’t have this dessert because of the nuts, but my husband ate the whole plate by himself. He’s a dessert specialist and gave this one high praises.

True Food Classics we’ve had before and still love:
Kale-Aid – Coming down with something? This beverage is definitely something you’d like to order. It’s refreshing but also packs a ginger kick.
Carmelized Onion Tart – Garlic, Onions, Figs and Gorgonzola. Need I say more?
Teriyaki Brown Rice Bowl – A favorite with our kids!
Squash Pie – Fall is all about pies, and I’ve had True Food Kitchen’s Squash Pie a handful of times. It’s delicious so be sure to add this to your must-try list!

Pictured Above (clockwise):
Root & Remedy, Pomegranate Limeade, Kale-Aid, Sparkling Apple Soda

It was hard for the family to not to order some of our favorites such as the Bison Burger and Spaghetti Squash Casserole, but we made a goal to try other items too, such as the Panang Curry (husband’s choice), Turkey Lasagna and Harvest Chopped Salad. I’m thankful my kids are adventurous eaters (and drinkers). At every TFK visit, I ask the kids to at least sample everything we order and they seem to enjoy the majority of the items. If you have a picky eater, I encourage you to keep offering items that they may not normally like. Most kids are not a fan of kale for example, but my son can devour True Food Kitchen’s Kale and Tomato pizza. It did take a bit of coaxing in the beginning, but he grew to love it, along with his Kale-Aid beverage. I’m looking forward to bringing back our family to try some of the other new Fall menu items because there was a few we missed. I would love to hear if you will be going to try out True Food Kitchen soon, and if you have been there already, which menu item was your favorite? Happy eating!

True Food Kitchen Fashion Valley:
7007 Friars Rd #394
San Diego, California 92108

Disclosure: My family and I received a complimentary meal to try out True Food Kitchen’s new fall menu. All opinions are our own.

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