Psalms & Proverbs a Day Bible Reading Plan

I have been working on getting these 2 things (guitar playing and bible reading) back into my early morning routine. It’s been too long. Several years ago I learned about a Bible Reading Plan where you would read 1 chapter of Psalms and 1 chapter of Proverbs a day. If it’s the 1st of the month, you would read Psalms 1 and Proverbs 1. If it’s the 2nd, Psalms 2 and Proverbs 2… You get the picture! I haven’t been as consistent as I’d like but have tried to do it more often recently. It’s a great way to get encouragement when you’re having a rough day (Psalms), or wisdom when you’re facing problems you can’t seem to solve on your own (Proverbs).

For those of you have known about this Reading Plan, what are your thoughts? If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s easy enough to start and I definitely encourage you to try it out.

Have a Happy Wednesday!

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