Quality Over Quantity

I had an epiphany about quality over quantity yesterday. I had every intention of training for 2 hours. The mats were full and I could have easily got in 6-10 rounds. Unfortunately I got sidetracked and I only had one chance to roll, but it was with a Black Belt my size. This is extremely rare folks. I learned so much in that 5 minute roll and in the conversation afterward. I spent the rest of the day contemplating those 20 minutes. Moral of the story: make the time count. I journaled yesterday mentioning I trained 20-24 hours for about a year straight and there were weeks I felt like I wasn’t absorbing anything and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Burnout is real though and I’m beginning to understand that more now. I’m making a goal to be more intentional when I do have the time to hit the mats. Happy training, everyone!

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