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I have had the pleasure of knowing Raechel for quite some time now. She’s a long time friend and I remember back when she first starting taking pictures “just for fun.” Everyone’s a photographer these days, but I truly believe it takes someone with a real passion for photography to be able to capture special moments like engagement, wedding and family photos. I also know that it takes lot to put your faith in a good photographer, after all, they are responsible for those photos that will last you a lifetime.

So far Raechel has done 3 photo shoots for my family, one being a couple session with my husband at Seaport Village, one maternity/family shoot at Disneyland and another family shoot at Seaport Village once Baby #3 arrived several weeks ago. Each time was so fun and relaxed, and Raechel was able catch a lot of awesome shots. For family photos, it takes a lot of work to just get one kid to look at the camera let alone smile, but she always cued us in ways to get the kids to look for at least a second, or she shot adorable candids that captured their budding personalities. Over time I began to love the candid shots of my kids even more, because we all know forced smiles are no fun. The photos I posted are a very small sample of the many beautiful picture she’s taken, but I hope you enjoyed them all! If you’re in need of a great photographer, be sure to look her up, and tell her that StrongholdMom sent you!

For more info, visit Raechel’s site at:Raechel Denise Photography

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