Repurposed Kid’s Craft: Toilet Paper Roll Mini Crowns

I’m happy to say this is my very first craft tutorial, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Our Jiu Jitsu school was an exhibitor at KidsFest San Diego this past weekend, and each vendor had a special craft for all the kids who attended. I scouted Pinterest for a couple days looking for a crown craft, and stumbled upon these cute mini crowns made out of toilet paper rolls. I was pretty excited to do this craft for a couple reasons: 1) we would save a ton of money – I originally was going to purchase some blank crowns to color. Since we needed to prepare 500-1,000 crafts, this would have costed us over $150. Yikes! 2) I love repurposed projects. In high school, I took 3 semesters of Design/Mixed Media (Mr. Birch at Mt. Carmel, anyone?), and since then I have always liked creating art out of random, unconventional items.

I would say the hardest part of doing this craft was the collection of toilet paper rolls. I started blasting out on social media and to our gym family that we were in need of rolls about 3 weeks ago, and we were able to collect over 200 toilet paper rolls and a few dozen paper towel rolls. The paper towel rolls are great by the way, since you can cut about 4-5 from each one. If you are looking to do this for a classroom project or birthday party, definitely start collecting early! The mini crowns were definitely a hit with the kids and parents, and I look forward to doing this craft for future events. Check out the tutorial below, and leave me a comment on some other repurposed crafts I should try out!

Materials Needed:
1) Toilet Paper Rolls
2) Scissors
3) 1/8″ hole punch
4) Elastic
5) Sticky Jewels (we bought ours on Oriental Trading)

Step 1: Cut toilet paper roll in half.
Step 2: Cut “crown points” on one end of toilet paper roll.
Step 3: Punch 2 holes (opposite of each other) at bottom of crown.
Step 4: Thread elastic through holes and tie a double knot.
Step 5: Decorate with jewels.
Step 6: Place on head. You can now be king or queen for the day!

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