Taste Testing Fun with Pretzel Crisps

I’m a pretzel fan. How about you? A couple weeks ago I opened my door and was pleasantly surprised at a huge bag of goodies from Pretzel Crisps for my family and I to try. I was amazed at how many flavors there were! I had a very impatient crowd waiting as I hurried to snap photos before they tore into the bags. It was a bit tough to pick a favorite. Later that day, I figured it would be fun to have some of my Stronghold Moms try them all out to see which one was the most popular.

The verdict? Among 10 moms, there were 5 votes for Honey Mustard and Onion, 4 votes for Buffalo Wing, and 1 vote for Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper. They were all delicious, but it was fun time playing taste testers among friends. I would have to add another vote to Honey Mustard as well. It has always been a favorite flavor of mine so that wasn’t much of a surprise. I do have to remember to bring a mint next time I snack on them though! We also talked about what kind of dips would be great with each flavor, such as ranch dip for the Buffalo Wing, Sour Cream and Chive Dip with Everything (that sounds like a yummy bagel!), and Guacamole or Five Layer Dip with the Plain varieties. Nacho Cheese also seemed like a wonderful dip to use with any flavor. Be sure to find a bag of Pretzel Crisps next time you’re shopping, they’re great! Thank you to Pretzel Crisps for supplying a bag of samples for me to try. This was a sponsored post and all thoughts are my own.

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