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Eating healthy and cooking simple meals has always been a top priority for me and my family. It wasn’t always that way, and it took several years for me to adopt better eating habits and making good food choices. We try to eat organic as much as possible, and eat whole real food. With the new baby it’s been harder to cook and be in the kitchen, but when I was contacted by Moms Meet to review Trim Healthy Mama’s Meal Plan and Cookbook, I was really excited!

Sisters Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison are the authors of Trim Healthy Mama, and they offer great tips and recipes to help moms and their families get healthy through good eating. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or beginner in the kitchen, there are 350 recipes you can try out, ranging from appetizers, soups, crock pot meals, and desserts. If your goal is to get your family to eat healthier, these books are a great stepping stone to do that. There were a couple of things I may leave out in my own cooking that I’ll mention below, but as a whole, I believe these 2 books are great to have in your cookbook library. You can purchase the Trim Healthy Meal Plan for $19.99, and the cookbook is $27.99.

Things I loved about Trim Healthy Mama:
– Help with pantry stocking. This is a great way to explore items that you may have never used in your kitchen, and gives you a chance to try them out in the recipes they give.
– List of superfoods. I’m always interested in learning about these ways to get extra nutrition in your daily eating!
– 350 Recipes. Although it may take awhile to get through all of these, I’m happy there’s so many to try and they have a lot of beautiful photos to pair with them. The pictures are definitely mouth watering!
– Easy to adapt to gluten free, food allergies, etc: this is a must in our house because my kids have quite a few food allergies and can be sensitive mostly to wheat and dairy.

Things I may leave out:
– Use of stevia and other alternative sugars. I do prefer using regular sugar in my recipes and am a huge fan of honey. I believe in this area, key is to use them both in moderation.
– Use of Whey Protein: Some of the recipes call for Whey Protein but I try to keep our family Gluten and Dairy free. I will probably substitute for coconut or rice milk.

My family is a huge fan of spaghetti squash so I loved how Trim Healthy Mama included recipes how to make them in the cookbook. I’m hoping moms who aren’t familiar with them will enjoy them as much as I do. We often substitute our noodles with spaghetti squash and I’m always looking for more variety of ways to serve it. I tried out their “Ridiculous Meatballs and Spaghetti Recipe” and it was a hit. Like I did mention above, I did leave out the stevia, which is included in a lot of their recipes.

I’m looking forward to putting some of Trim Healthy Mama’s tips to practice and trying out all the recipes. If you have the books, what are your favorite things about them? If you don’t have them yet, you have a chance to enter and win! Head on over to my Instagram page: StrongholdMom on Instagram to enter! All you have to do is like the photo and tag a friend!

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