Two Things We Need to Stop Saying

2 phrases that drive me bonkers: “Just Google it” and “Just pray about it” and crickets after that. Both are very good pieces of advice (for most situations), but sometimes, people will reach out to ask for more advice than a search engine can offer and unfortunately, some people don’t know HOW to pray in certain situations. Are we so numb to building community that we have to resort to these phrases when people are trying to ask for help? People that know me well know I’m an information nerd, and I’ll research some things until my eyes can’t take it anymore but I also like listening to the wisdom of others. Sometimes you can’t rely on Google due to outdated information or some dude (or gal) making a random website and posting wacky info. So food for thought: Have a little grace and patience when someone asks a question, and possibly be honored if someone tries to come directly to you for advice. If you ever need to chat about something, I’m always willing to lend an open ear. I may not reply as quickly as I can, but I like to help when I’m able. My hope is that others can do the same. Have a great Saturday!

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