A Winter Squash Party!

For the past several years, I have been off and on the Paleo Diet. Without getting into too much depth about Paleo (that could be another blog post), just know that there is no consumption of grains, legumes, or dairy. I know a lot of people are addicted to rice and noodles (I know am), so a great alternative for someone on a Paleo diet is spaghetti squash. This yeah I have become more acquainted with winter squashes, and spaghetti squash has become one of my most favorite out of all of them. As pictured above, I always try to cook all varieties of squash, including butternut and acorn. I really love how squash is relatively easy to make. You can cut them in half, spoon out the seeds, brush on a little olive oil, salt and pepper and roast for 400 degrees cut size down for about 30-35 minutes until tender. That’s it! Every time I post a photo about squash (I cook them 2-3 times a week), I always get a flood of messages asking how I cook them, and family and friends are always surprised how simple it is.

Back to spaghetti squash, like I mentioned it can be eaten at any time you would normally eat rice or noodles. It’s a perfect side dish to any meaty entree, and my go-to dinner for my family is short ribs and spaghetti squash (pictured above). I’ve tossed the squash with my normal pasta sauce recipe, and my kids always comment how much they love their “noodles.” Best part about spaghetti squash, you can fill up on it and get loads more nutrition minus the bloating/constipation than you would from grains. It’s win-win!

I am bummed that the winter season will soon be ending in San Diego and organic spaghetti squash won’t be as readily available and affordable. You could possibly still get them year round at the grocery store but chances are you’ll pay a pretty penny or they won’t be organic. Next time you’re at the Farmer’s Market or grocery store, be sure to grab a squash or two and incorporate them in your family’s meals this week!

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